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Allagash River Canoe Trips

                                                                             Katahdin Outfitters has served the Allagash River Region for over 25 Years
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Fishing The Allagash River

The Allagash is one of very few Maine drainages left with its natural assemblage of native coldwater species unaltered by many introductionsBrook Trout of other fish species. The smelt is the only species introduced into the upper reaches of the waterway. Natural reproduction supports the brook trout, lake trout, lake whitefish and burbot (cusk) fisheries in the lakes of the Allagash Waterway.


You will need a valid State of Maine fishing license if you plan to cast a line into the waterway. To save you time before you start your trip Pair of Brook TroutKatahdin Outfitters also provides our clients with this link so you can purchase your resident or non-resident fishing license online by checking this link. From there you can purchase a fishing license using your credit card.


Landlocked Salmon
Salmon, trout and togue fishing is better during the early and late part of the canoeing season when the waters are coldest. Kids can have great fun throughout the entire season by throwing a line out for a chub for some good ol catch and release excitement!



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