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Katahdin Outfitters Shuttle Service

Katahdin Outfitters can provide you comfortable and worry free transportation to your starting and ending points of your trip. One of the decisions that you will have to make is whether you will be using our vehicle or ours as a shuttle.

The access roads within the area are privately maintained, unsigned, gravel logging roads. In this vast wilderness area there are little or no road services available. These facts taken into consideration over many years and our experience in equipping and maintaining our own transport vehicles, should also be a major consideration if you are planning to use your vehicle as a shuttle.

You should ask ask yourself the following questions if you are considering using your vehicle for transportation:

Is the intended shuttle vehicle less that 5 years old or under 50,000 miles?

Can it handle the extra weight safely? (canoes, equipment, passengers, etc.)

Does it have a good spare tire and jack as well as provisions for a second flat? (fix-a-flat, or air compressor and tire repair kit). If a second flat occurs, your vehicle may end up being towed at your expense.

Does it have a range of at least 300 miles with a full tank of fuel?

Are the brakes, steering, suspension and tires free of any known defects?

Is the battery in good condition and securely bolted down?

Be sure to bring a spare set of keys.

Is the vehicle basically free of any known defects?

If you can answer yes to these questions, your vehicle should be okay as a shuttle. If not you can enjoy the reliability and comfort of Katahdin Outfitters well maintained fleet.

Katahdin Outfitters will also transport your vehicle to your final destination for you. Katahdin Outfitters uses the utmost care when transporting your vehicle. However, we reserve the right to refuse any vehicle that we may deem unsuitable or mechanically unsound. The release you sign when Katahdin Outfitters will require that you sign a release of liability from tire or damage that may occur during transport.


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